Bête Delivers In The Capacity Of A Music Maestro On Stunning Debut ‘Signs’

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Tucked away in Nigeria’s entertainment sleepy capital, like a rare gem, is Bête.  Not much is known about genre transcendent singer. However, that should change with her debut EP, Signs, a swirling metaphor, teeming with sounds for every mood and situation.

Charged with the vivacity that drove previously released worthy singles like Money Way, the six track EP is a reflection of her stellar command on mood appropriate sounds gleaming with the practice and passion of a rookie with a definite shot at fame. Bête seizes the opportunity to herald her potential influence on the project’s opener, Signs, a lax, and hypnotic play on words that finds her exercising her mesmeric vocals as she dishes on what her life is like and how her resilience is what’s helping her keep it together.

While she stays on track in delivery, she veers off course in sound and narrative, making room to accommodate different personas and host different moods. Personal favourite, the Zilla Oaks assisted Jesus Piece is a braggadocious piece that spotlights Bête’s unwavering confidence even as an up and comer. F City is the befitting closer that offers a personal expository of her life.

Signs is sprinkled with a number of constants ranging from Bête’s penchant for sprightly Percussions, her strong grip on transcendent music and of course a unique delivery that trumps everything that has come out of the Capital city. It does herald a bright future in the industry.


  1. Anas says:

    Amazing music.

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