“Beyond The Veil” Brings More Intrigues In Its Sophomore Season On Prime Video

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Naila Media has announced the official trailer for the highly anticipated second season of Beyond The Veil ahead of its exclusive premiere on Prime Video on June 7th, 2024.

The new season, just as season one, is premised on five resilient Northern women and how they manage the complexities of modern life, relationships, careers and cultural conflicts.

Since its debut in 2023, Beyond the Veil has garnered critical acclaim, contributing notably to the projection of Northern Nigerian culture on a global scale. Data from Prime Video and Flix Patrol indicates that the series has spent 169 days in the Top 10 across 18 countries, enthralling audiences with  authentic storytelling and  compelling characters.

In Season 2, Na’ima begins her journey to healing following a ghastly car accident, with support from her friends Hanifa and Baddriyah. She is faced with challenges and resistance from family and society towards her relationship with Mathew owing to their background differences.

Beyond the veil is inspired by the desire to depict Northern Nigerian women in a liberating way,” says  Nadine Ibrahim, Showrunner and Director. “This show offers a refreshing narrative while addressing their realities, from polygamy to cultural restraints. It reflects our modern society and the complex day-to-day realities, pushing boundaries and challenging conventions.”

Baddriyah, an influencer famously known as “Baddie”, deals with an abusive marriage while protecting her public image. But then, she finds comfort and understanding in Bilqis, the first wife to her husband, Sadiq. 

Hanifa, pregnant and faced with a financial crisis as a result of her husband Ahmadu’s failed enterprise, ignores medical warnings as she keeps pushing herself. Her younger sister, Afrah, provides the needed support that allows Hanifa to explore her creative talent while managing her home.

Following the demise of Bappa, Zizi resigns her appointment as the Minister’s aide and pushes for a promotion at work. She meets and takes interest in Tarik, a newly transferred police officer, forging a chemistry which complicates her professional life. This happens amidst Zizi having to oppose Kassim’s efforts to reconnect and his fianceé Maryam’s family pressure for a wedding date. 

As these women navigate their challenges and manage their affairs, they learn to evolve and make tough decisions, stepping into uncertainties amidst the risk of losses. Beyond the Veil, thus, dives into womanhood and offers poignant perspectives on humanity and survival.

“This series aims to showcase bold, empowered, and authentic Northern Nigerian women, filling a gap in our storytelling fabric,” says Nadine Ibrahim. “I’m immensely proud of our work and hope it resonates globally.”