Bez Idakula Returns From Hiatus With 11-track Masterpiece ‘The Light’

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In carving a niche for the expansion and appreciation of alternative music in Nigeria, Bez was instrumental especially with the reception of his debut album, Super Sun which paved the way for a line of alternative artists. Bez’s return comes in the form of a package deal that includes a name change, a new persona and an 11-track album titled The Light that is the icing on the cake.

Comprising 11 emotion-weighty tracks that veer off in sound and lyricism from the acoustic and reggae-inspired opener, Better Days, The Light is a composition of narratives that Bez Idakula has experienced in the time since he went under. On High, he details his plans to take the bull by the horn and live his life the way he wants, a rendition that differs from the snare driven 80s Afrobeat Go Go Go and the love theme that clouds Beautiful As You Are.

With only 3 features that stress his ability to stand alone as he did when he first stepped onto the scene in 2011, Bez not only builds on his past achievements but ignites the change he took time off to perfect.


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