Bi-curiosity: 5 signs you might be bi-curious

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These days, it’s not uncommon to see sexually fluid people or people identifying as pansexual – a term that refers to someone who is either emotionally and/or physically attracted to all genders.

Bi-curious is another thing we have now as a lot more people are open to exploring their sexuality. This is particularly common in a country like Nigeria where gay sex has not been legalized.

What is bi-curiosity?

Bi-curiosity means you like the idea of engaging in sexual activities with the same sex. While bi-curious and bi-sexuality might sound alike especially since we are more familiar with the latter, they are quite different.

Bisexuality is a more stable identity because you’ve found that you are attracted to the other sex and have probably tried it out. Bi-curiosity, however, is a state of confusion. You find the idea of sexual activities with the same sex interesting but you don’t know if you’re sexually attracted or probably having mixed feelings about trying it out.

Why a large number of Nigerians are bi-curious

The law signed by President Goodluck Jonathan on the 7th of January prohibits same-sex marriage alongside the public show of same-sex marriages with a 10-year prison sentence on anyone who practices gay activities.  This has left a lot of people with mere fantasies.

Nigerian parents are another huge factor. Once you tell a Nigerian parent you are bi-sexual, the first reaction would probably be “God-forbid.” Next thing, you’ll find yourself in the Church with a pastor binding and casting out every evil spirit.

Technology and social media have left Nigerians more exposed to sexual activities from all corners of the world. There are now LGBT movies on Netflix, YouTube, and other streaming channels. This has spurred some kind of curiosity in the minds of people towards the same sex.

Stigmatization is another thing we have to deal with in this society. Most people do not want to be singled out by their peers since a lot of Nigerians have the orientation that sex with the same sex is wrong due to traditional and religious beliefs. This fear of not wanting to be stigmatized has left people in a state of bi-curiosity.

Signs that you might be bi-curious

  • You love checking out the same sex. You turn your chair and look back when you see a girl with a big butt and you just can’t stop thinking what a wonderful body.
  • Sex videos of the same seem interesting. You can’t just stop watching sex videos with the same sex.
  • You love reading books about bi-sexual people and movies as well.
  • Having dreams of engaging in sexual activities with the same sex.
  • You find advances from the opposite sex comforting and spend time reflecting on sexual compliments or conversations you have received from the same sex.

While bi-curiosity can lead to bi-sexuality, this isn’t always the case. It might just be a fantasy as we all have imaginations we never really intend on trying out. It might also be a stage you’re passing through in your sexual life.


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