Bisola channels her childhood in the nostalgia inducing video for ‘Good Old Days’

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Bisola’s discography isn’t exactly filled with a towering number of stellar records but her few contributions have been meaningful, noteworthy and enough to cause a stir in a crowd. Not so long after her previous effort; Controlla which didn’t exactly garner much attention for her music career, she makes another attempt this month with Good Old Days accompanied by a retro-themed music video that reflects her obsession with vintage.

Amidst feelings of nostalgia, Bisola time travels to her childhood, an era she describes as the good old days characterized by carelessness, true joy, sweet rhymes and fun-filled games. More interesting than her vintage outfits and the found footage captured scenes is the calmness that rises out of her lulling voice.

With each release, Bisola displays another level of comfort-ability that makes us eager to see where this tidbits of releases will take us.