Wade And KidsfrmBaghdad Of Black Gyspy Unit Join Forces To Deliver Soulful Single ‘The Complex’

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Black Gypsy Unit is a Nigerian alternative Hip hop and Pop music collective pushing music that takes roots in the creative and sonic aspect of their African heritage. With one single under their belt, the group is confident enough to pursue the release of their debut project, already looming on the horizon. They clear the path to this project this week with yet another single titled The Complex, on which they explore the intricacies of chaotic relationships wielding acoustics as their tool of choice in tackling this relatable issue.

Setting off rhythms and melodies laid over a mix of strings and kicks, a very simple message is conveyed through the lyrics, one that finds the duo expressing their desire to further in their relationships despite the chaos that exists. Wade and KidsfrmBaghdad explore a Hip Hop and Rnb fusion of sounds, expressing intent for the reunion of a disgruntled couple in deep romance.

Black Gypsy Unit drops this second single after acceptance on the arrival of their debut release Gyal . The Group head, Wade surmises that this is just the start of a great musical journey that spans black history and will be a voice through music for the millennial African generation.