Black Panther Shatters Box Office Records with $218M Debut

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Black Panther, a Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Film directed by Ryan Coogler has smashed box office records taking $218 million. As reported by NY Times the previous record holder was Straight Outta Compton directed by F. Gary Gary which collected $214 million worldwide in 2015. Global ticket sales are projected to reach $316 million by Monday.

Black Panther is based on a fictional superhero by Marvel comics written and edited by Stan Lee who makes an appearance in the film.

T’Challa played by Chadwick Boseman is king and protector of African kingdom Wakanda. Letitia Wright plays Shurri, technologically giften whiz sister to T’Challa. The narrative of Black Panther is of immeasurable worth and its focus on a uniquely Black existence is one that has been long due in the film industry.



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