Blakboykay’s ‘Talk And Do’ Is A Vibrant Anthem For Self-Confidence

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As music stays a wellspring of expectation and comfort for the world, Blakboykay has consented to utilize his specialty to make this happen. The Houston-based Nigerian artist is known in his ends for his ability to create captivating hooks to satisfy his fans. This week, he continues down this path with Talk And Do, a perfect night about town soundtrack featuring Maradona, heavy on vibrant percussions.

Matching its title, Talk And Do‘s instrumental, produced by Magic Sticks, is its main charge with a show of versatile instruments that adds to the glitz surrounding Blakboykay’s words and its music video.

Directed by Nelsongh, Blakboykay, and Maradona match the song’s mellowed-out energy, surrounded by aesthetically pleasing lights and effects that serve as provocative tools of expression.


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