Blession Bursts Onto the Scene with Dreamy, 80s Inspired single ‘Wait On You’

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Blession Wait On You

Zimbabwe-born Bournemouth native Blession makes his debut with an enthralling first single Wait On You

Wait On You is the definition of boundless originality. Written, performed and produced by Blession, the dreamy track gives you a glimpse into the world of the self-taught artist. The 80s inspired synths along with Blession’s delicate falsetto set the tone on this otherworldly single. Reaching climactic peaks with a catchy hook, Wait On You is an all-encompassing love song, perfectly accompanied by the soothing visuals. 

Allowing his imagination to run wild, the talented newbie paints a vivid picture in which he envisions the song to soundtrack.

“The year is 1986, you have the whole of Miami using your product. You have everything you want – cars, money, mansions. After paying the connect for the huge gamble you took on, nothing stands in your way. Speeding down A1A in your Lamborghini Countach LP500 S, you turn on the radio and this is what you hear.” – Blession


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