Blnde Releases “Super Bad Bitch”: A New Baddie Anthem

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Taking a page from the audacious style associated with Rap music, Blnde has released a new single titled Super Bad Bitch (S.B.B) that shows a lot of personality and if life was a movie, would easily be the soundtrack to many people’s lives. 

The bouncy, quick-tempo track is made for the bad bitches who strut through the world like it’s a runway and do whatever they want while looking incredible. To Blnde, a S.B.B much like herself is someone who doesn’t have to try too hard and is just that bitch. 

Before its official release in March 2023, Blnde performed the song at Afrochella in December 2022 and has continuously teased the track on her social media accounts, especially on Tiktok. The release was finally introduced on Instagram with a short video featuring skit maker and podcaster Nedu. The entertaining video shows Blnde striking poses for what looks like an editorial photoshoot but turns out to be a mugshot, as she’s in the process of getting booked for “spoiling people’s children, removing them from school and partying too much.” 

Blnde is establishing herself as a fresh talent in the new wave of young Nigerian female rappers which currently includes SGawD, Deto Black, brazy. The super bad bitch’s confident and sexy appeal is exactly what the genre thrives off. 

Listen to S.B.B here


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