Bollylomo Reflects on Lagos Staples on ‘Over and Under’

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Bollylomo Reflects on Lagos Staples on 'Over and Under'

Bollylomo started off as an MC and comedian primarily on social media networks like Instagram and Twitter. Over the past two years he has also earned acting credits on Red TV’s Inspector K and Ndani’s Lagos Big Boy as well as in Dare Olaitan’s Ojukokoro. While many will associate Bolly with these different shows, many also think of him as the G Wagon loving entertainer who will definitely crack you up.

In July 2017, we caught up with Bollylomo for our Over and Under series and asked him about how he feels about things like Hennessy, The Island, nightlife in Lagos, small chops and some other Lagos staples.

Check it out and let us know what you think.



Culture Custodian’s Over and Under is a recreation of Pitchfork’s series under the same moniker.


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