Boogey and Tay Iwar Touch on the Powers of Alcohol on “Liquor Nights”

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listen to liquor nights by boogey odey and tay iwar

The power of alcohol is unrivaled in many regards. It is said to bring out honesty but also often leads to inability to completely control actions and blurs memory. Liquor Nights, the debut single off Boogey Odey’s upcoming project, Nouveau Niveau is centered around the control alcohol can have over its consumers.

On the track which features Tay, we live vicariously through Boogey’s lyrics and quickly come to remember morning after hangovers as Boogey vows to give up the alcohol because of the negative influences it has presented. We are let in on the adventures of a night in Marrakech that has now become unclear before Tay enters with a hook that further paints a picture which has drunken nights out at the center.

Boogey also touches subtly on the desire to walk away but the difficulty to do so on the track produced by Sencosonic.

Listen to Tay Iwar link up with DJ Tiz on Phone Up


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