Brum3h’s ‘Criminal’ Is An Acoustic Rain Of Lusty Emotions

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Brum3h’s soft landing on his songs is largely why he’s on our radar these days. In this part of the world, it’s almost impossible to stir your sound away from the staple without a dash of vim but for someone whose ties to the soul that stirs RnB is original, Brum3h encounters no problem in delivering on his terms while keeping us entertained from start to finish. His latest, Criminal is a fine example of this ability he wields. Only leveraging the velvety texture of his raspy vocals that often transcends to falsetto on the silky single and the whispery ad-libs by Inçi that punctuates each fine line, he enraptures his listeners in his chaotic but smooth sounding narrative.

Not just a product of Brum3h’s superpowers, Criminal also draws life from Randay’s rain of lusty acoustics including strings reminiscent of flamencos. He rides these strings just as his muse rides his emotions and his listeners hang on to every lush word he articulates.

There are no sacrifices made on Criminal which is why it’s projection as raw material from the heart comes off as perfect.

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