Buhari has largely delivered on his promises to Nigerians – IBB

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Ahead of President Muhammadu Buhari’s 76th birthday coming up on 17th December, a former military head of state, General Ibrahim Babangida has penned a heartwarming congratulatory message to the president extolling his leadership qualities.

The former military president, who had been one of the critics of President Buhari and his government, on Saturday evening praised the incumbent for being “an excellent role model to many young aspiring Politicians and even to the not so young, because of the way and manner you have managed to sustain the survival of our country as an indivisible one nation, albeit in the face of many daunting diversions.”

Babangida lauded Buhari in his achievements in the three key areas which include corruption, economy and insurgency, the core campaign points as he solicited the mandate of Nigerians prior to the presidential election of 2015. He admitted that the President has largely delivered on his promises to Nigerians.

“You (have) achieved great success in the fight against corruption, terrorism, and other forms of insecurity, in addition to getting our country out of economic recession,” Babangida said.

The former military ruler extolled the President for the energy he has put into the onerous task of nation building despite his advanced age.

“It is heartwarming that at 76, in spite of the numerous onerous challenges of leadership, you have managed to remain focused and have shown tremendous energy and vibrancy in running the affairs of state with your acknowledged patriotism and commitment to serve our nation diligently with honesty and sincerity of purpose.

“I wish to congratulate you for all the achievements you have recorded in your lifetime and particularly for your humility, deep sense of honesty and faith you have shown in the various aspects of governance, politics and democracy as our President,” General Babangida said.


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