Buhari’s Exclusive Interview with ARISE News: Here’s What He Said

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President Muhammadu Buhari had an exclusive interview with ARISE News, and it was aired on their Morning Show on Thursday 10, 2021. It goes without saying that the country watched with rapt attention, as this is the president’s first interview since 2019, and to hear what he had to say about the turbulent state of the nation. Buhari had a lot to say, and just in case you missed it, here are the most interesting tidbits.

  1. Once again, President Buhari said that offenders will be “treated in the language they understand.” This time he was referring to the trouble in the Northwest. He said that his biggest problem was people of the same culture killing each other off and that the police and military have been ordered to deal ruthlessly with terrorists.
  2. According to the president, the Nigerian youths are the problem. He said, “If they want jobs, they’ll behave themselves, make sure that Nigeria is secure, so people can come and invest.” Who needs a government when they’ve got young people with superpowers?
  3. On IPOB, the president revealed one of his tactics. He said, “I am happy some South-South leaders came to me and said they want nothing to do with IPOB, so they will just be encircled with no access to anything.”
  4. When questioned about open grazing, the president said that one of the problems is the rush to the center. He also said that “the problem is trying to understand the culture of the cattle rearers.” His solution to the open grazing problem is to revive old cattle routes across the country.
  5. Apparently, the Presidential plan to end insecurity in the country is a classic sneak attack. On tackling banditry in the Northeast, the president said that he doesn’t discuss his plans so that all criminals can be caught unawares. Genius!
  6. When asked about the Twitter ban, the president suddenly became a man of few words. He said, “That I will keep to myself.” Seems the president enjoys secrets.
  7. The president, when asked what his legacy will be, said that he’s leaving that up to Nigerians to decide once he leaves office. All he asked for is fairness when that time comes.
  8. On his post-presidency plans, the president says he’ll be returning to his cattle farm to keep himself busy.


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