Watch The Glitzy Video For Buju’s ‘So Lovely’

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2020 was the year Buju rose to prominence, solidifying his affiliation with Burna Boy’s Spaceship Records and sharing the likes of L’enu remix featuring the latter that revealed the full range of his abilities and afforded him the depth of saturation needed to command the authority he does now in the industry. To shut the curtains on a successful year, he shared So Lovely, and now, still coasting on the high from the fan-favorite, he starts the new year with its glitzy video.

Directed by The Alien, the video is your typical high energy nightlife acclaim affair, opening up with busy scenes of Buju’s muses flagging off what becomes a busy night about town. While he shares the stage with several extras, Buju’s laidback but somehow captivating demeanor puts his presence on a pedestal even as he attempts to mirror his words to a T.

Among other things, the video for So Lovely signifies new beginnings for Buju who takes an unusual route in the video.

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