Burna Boy Presents Different Concepts with; “Gba” and “Deja Vu”

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Going back and forth with his concepts and duo-impact style, Burna Boy always leaves his fans with mix emotions of comtemplation and psychedelic toxication.

Like in Soke, we see hard hitting messages in his music, delivered in the most subtle and lightweight manner – though he never fails to include memory hugging tempos. Away from most musical angles, he goes beyond love and partying into more complex subjects – while maintaining interest.

Artistes releasing songs one single after the other in anticipation of a new album is not uncommon. With this, it’d be fine to assume Gba and Deja Vu are part of an upcoming project with a progressive story arc. But knowing Burna Boy, this may not be the case. Singles he’s dropped earlier this year: Hallelujah, Rock Your Body and Chilling Chillin are evidence that no bigger picture project may indeed be coming along and Burna Boy may just be expressing his talent.

Both songs were produced by Chopstix. Gba presents a very “in your face” confrontation. It seemed like a rant about his experiences or the music industry. Deja Vu takes a melodious and comforting tone. The Spanish guitar providing a nice touch and base for the usual Nigerian beats. A somewhat faux iconic statement being his “Na Man Wey Dey Reason Dey Scratch Bearbear” which he proudly featured on his Instagram page.

With the easy flow, it’s likely that they’d end up on anyone’s playlist – or even be great radio hits. Decide yourself and listen to the rift below:

Photo Credit: Instagram/Burnaboygram

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