Burna Boy Is Lovestrung on New Afro-Caribbean Single, On The Low

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2018 will go down in music history as the year Burna Boy became a globally recognized Nigerian phenomenon as a result of the reach of his critically acclaimed body of work; Outside, more specifically his breakthrough single; YE that has been cloned and is responsible for the breakout of musicians like Osh This Side whose rendition of the unofficial societally dubbed national anthem of the year afforded him a record deal with Universal Music Group United Kingdom.

Its been said that Burna Boy is the messiah of the original Afrobeat sound and his track record so far does nothing but support the claim that’s honestly almost irrefutable. Today, he follows up his previously released hit single; Gbona which is still making waves with another likely chart topper titled On The Low; a caribbean and Afrobeat fused groovy love ballad dedicated to ‘Angelina’; the track’s muse.

The diversification of this track makes it extra special in the way that Burna Boy balances his fine tuned gruff bass vocals with the frenetic and upbeat nature of the soundscape; one that compliments the varying landscape sceneries that serve as backdrops to the visual story he tells in the video and provides his muse with enough jazzed up rhythms to which she steps and stirs his fantasies to.

Deservingly, Burna has amassed a number of deals and features that have brought on an onslaught of accolades which have done nothing but influence and up his love for the game.


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