Burna Boy on Rap Radar: ‘My Mission is to make Africans one people’

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Burna boy on Rap Radar: My Mission is to make Africans one people

One of the things Burna Boy’s African Giant is praised for is its pan-Africanism. In an interview with Rap Radar, the singer expanded on his pan-Africanism when asked about a pro-African statement he made in his Paris show—make sure you know where you come from and know the strength that you possess, and that the power of everyone comes from their root.

“That’s something I say, I say things along that line in almost all of my shows, because my mission above everything else is to make Africa one people,” Burna answered.

Burna also touched on his recent Grammy nomination, and just like his recent career highlights, there’s a funny story attached to it. “My uncle just ran into the room, screaming, kicking shit, breaking shit,” Burna replies when asked about how he heard the news.

In the interview, Burna also touched on the making of Ye, appearing on the Beyonce’s Lion King album, being managed by his mum—a situation he says feels frustrating and safe. Watch the interview below.


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