C Natty Admonishes Nigerians To Stay Focused On ‘Sharpen Up’

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In the past couple of weeks, Nigerian musicians have adopted different tones, moods, and narratives in the articulation of their two cents on the state of the country. While, a good number of them have taken the somber route, emotionally dispensing their relatable feelings, a few, such as emPawa’s C Natty are fully kitted in aggressiveness. On his latest, Sharpen Up, C Natty employs the familiarity of Afrobeat instrumentals in offloading menacing admonitions as strong as the bass beats going off in the background.

C Natty joins forces with Killertunes to show off his assertiveness and admonish Nigerians to ‘sharpen up’ which is the case at the moment. “Time don come oh, wey be say we gats to sharpen up. Too many times wey we jabo, this na the time for gbas gbos. Omo the time don come oh“. C Natty words are as edgy as Killertunes’s mix of drums and saxophones and the menacing mood collectively adopted by Nigerians.