Discover Camarii, The Inglewood Rapper Gunning For Rap Supremacy

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Born in Los Angeles, rapper Camarii began his career in Inglewood, a hyper-vibrant hip-hop landscape. Camarii’s emergence on the music side didn’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows him. He was greatly inspired by ace rappers like Lil Wayne, Drake among others, and began his on and off career when these artists were still fully in control of the rap game.

Camarii believes he’s on course to becoming one of the leaders in the rap game with his unreleased songs scheduled for this year and next. And his journey from Inglewood since 1987, the year he was born, his personality as an ‘unbalanced Libra’ and influences steeped in a combination of Hollywood’s finest, including Lil Wayne, Drake, and Lil Baby, are notable elements in the fulfillment of this self-proclaimed prophecy.

Camarii believes this profession is innate. According to him, being a full-time musician comes naturally because he doesn’t live a regular lifestyle. This makes rapping much easier to put the life he lives on beats. Camarii claims to be a student of the game, one he has learned a lot from and is also still in the process of learning.

This belief is unsurprising as he actually started writing music on and off around the time the Lil Wayne era was in full effect.

“His flow was just unmatchable, very motivational, he talked about many things I could relate to…”

said Camarii, on Lil Wayne.

Camarii didn’t just glean the rapper’s delivery and writing style but his doggedness too, one reason why the pandemic didn’t really influence his output. He revealed that it actually kept him writing in the studio because it afforded him more free time.

Camarii’s influences, as revealed earlier, spans the likes of Drake, Lil Baby, and Lil Wayne and this is perhaps why when it comes to picking and listening to beats, he perceives them as tangible emotions. According to him, “different vibes create different song types.

On what to expect from him before the year runs out, Camarii wants his name to ring more bells. He has unreleased music and is excited about what is coming.



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