Can Nigeria Host The World Cup? Here’s What Nigerians Think

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Nigeria host World Cup

The World Cup has come and gone, but the energy and conversations that come with the tournament still lingers and that has led to people wondering; Can Nigeria host the World Cup, and what would that look like? The Naija Nation account tweeted, “Do y’all think Nigeria could host a World Cup?” and the replies have left us laughing our asses off, so we curated the funniest ones guaranteed to make you chuckle.


Low budget Mbappe

Mbappe was done dirty with this tweet. Why does he need a native doctor and why would he be looking for one in Abeokuta of all places? This is Mbanu abeg.

Amala Hazard

See what they’ve done to some people’s GOAT? To be fair, it’s not impossible but it is a violation.

Busy MC Oluomo

Seems like MC Oluomo would be very busy during a Nigerian World Cup though. ‘Owo loading’ must be collected. No country or player is above it. 

Disfigured Harry Kane

A hat trick against Nigerians in a World Cup we’re hosting won’t be overlooked. One way or another you go collect for the disrespect. Catching cruise with us at home? You must be kidding. 

Kounde on his knees

Apparently, SARS won’t be at home watching the World Cup. They’ll use the opportunity to exploit everyone; no exceptions. 

“LA till I die”

Nigerian Police Force in the mud. Some people only recognise the NYPD and LAPD. None of this NPF nonsense.


Plenty Wahala for NFF

The President of the Nigerian Football Federation might just retire when they present him with a list of all the things going wrong with the tournament.

Antony the spinning sensation 

They’ve said that Antony will just be spinning on his own. This is what Tems meant by “crazy things are happening.”

Rashford the philanthropist 

All I can say is “wetin be this?” Who did Rashford offend? I don’t think he deserved this. Is it easy to feed 10 million kids in 2 days? Do am if e easy. 

Pogba or Portable 

Pogba will need to walk with serious protection so that he’s not mistaken for Portable. If not, anything his eye sees he’ll have to take it like that. 

“Oya, park here”

Players will need to hold funds to settle the NPF or they risk showing up late for their matches. Those with dreads should either just cut it or hold twice as much funds if they want smooth sailing. 

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