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Captain Calabar

Once upon a time, I unfailingly stopped at Mr Biggs regularly and no it wasn’t to buy meat pies or hot dogs for primary school lunch, it was to purchase the new issue of Supa Strikas. That was over six years ago which bothers me and inspires the question, what comics are the kids indulging themselves with these days? With that as context, I was pleased to learn about a comic book currently in the works tagged Captain Calabar.

Whether the name is inspired by Captain America is unsure however, the story is one of a 25 year old man with superhuman abilities which immediately reminds me of Luke Cage. Hopefully, the trio at Akbar Comics who are behind this do not leave us all as disappointed as Netflix did with the bore that ended up being Luke Cage. The comic seems to be set around four main characters, Lanre Williams, Dr Ken, Shalewa and Captain Calabar who is front and center.

Lanre Williams
Captain Calabar
Dr Ken

The first issue of Captain Calabar is all set and done and long term, Akbar Comic’s goal is to expand and create a number of heroes inspired by different cultures. The product they have delivered definitely doesn’t seem like what any parent wants to buy their kids because of the language used and that could prove challenging seeing as most comics are read by kids however, its a scene which is pretty undeveloped in Africa and so setting out is definitely challenging which leads to their need for financial support. Check out some shots from the first issue and if you’re impressed you can donate here.

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