Cardi B In Lagos: A Complete Guide to the Livespot X Festival

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Cardi B

You may have heard it on the radio or saw a tweet that you perhaps didn’t take seriously because you just couldn’t verify. You may have passively seen it in a headline but ignored because heck, it felt too good to be true or just maybe you’ve been totally unaware because you’re living under a rock (pun intended).

Well, regardless of what category you may fall under, we have a feeling that you’re reading this because you want answers and answers you’ll get.

Let’s start by answering the biggest and most urgent question on your heart: Is Cardi B really coming to Nigeria? Yes, she is. The rapper has been billed to headline the maiden edition of the Livespot X Festival that will be taking place in Lagos on the 7th of December.

More about the Livespot X Festival?

Livespot X is a two-day festival (December 7 & 8) that will take place in Lagos and Accra. It
is an open air experiential event that is powered by Livespot Nation, the entertainment/creative hub of popular Nigeria-based events production company, Livespot.

I hope this will not just be a “special appearance” situation? Is Cardi B going to deliver a proper set? Firstly, did you know that Cardi B has revealed that she will no longer be performing for the rest of the year but the only exception is Livespot X Festival? Yes, you can find the announcement here.

This means that Cardi B has cleared her calendar and will only be coming over to the motherland to deliver a memorable experience. So have no worries, you’ll enjoy an extensive Cardi B set.

Will anyone else be performing?

Dare Art Alade, the Chief Creative Director of Livespot360 said 
“We know how much love the fans have for Cardi B and this was one of the reasonswe chose to give fans a special experience to see the queen of hip-hop live in Lagos.We also are aware of the massive appeal of some of our Nigerian music acts. Thisshow will not be complete without these music stars, and this is why we are thrilledto announce these performing acts for the Livespot X festival.”
How expensive are the tickets and where is the venue?

The tickets are actually anything but expensive. There is a package for every pocket size and as a matter of fact, every package is very affordable. Regular tickets are going for 5,000 naira, VIP tickets are being sold for 30,000 naira while tickets for a category dubbed Gold Circle are being sold for 100,000 naira. Also, there will be intermittent flash sales on the Livespot Nation website which means you could get massive discounts on tickets if you stay on the lookout.

The festival will take place at the Eko Atlantic Energy City.