Chase Music Debuts Seven-Track Compilation EP ‘The Chase’

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Following a millennial tradition that’s been on the rise since the likes of Mo’Hits debuted their all-star group in 2009 with the resonant, Curriculum Vitae, Jinmi Abduls’ Chase Music Records, introduces the world to the diverse range of budding superstars they house this month on The Chase, the record label’s debut project as a group.

Comprised of sonic superheroes wielding superpowers like sweet vocals, sappy but captivating storytelling skills, and sharp ears for exquisite sounds, Jinmi Abduls, mohalizer, King Amo, and F3line are poised to carve a respectable niche for themselves in the industry. A bold and brilliant group fully equipped with the elements they need to create their sounds and stories from the scratch, a group that dances to the tune of their own sound, Chase Music are pioneers in their own rights, doing things differently while still rooted in the cultures that will give life and rise to their careers.

Chase Music is a quartet on the rise, with youthful enthusiasm and talent in perfect balance. The seven-track The Chase is proof of this and a great way to kick things off for mohalizer, King Amo and F3line especially. The Chase is sweet, sappy, and serene. Love centered, it’s more than likely to sweep you off your feet than throw you off, a good start for the group.


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