Check out the Experimental Lockdown Created Short Film ‘CHAOS’

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The COVID 19 global pandemic came with it a degree of confusion and discomfort while for others, it offered the opportunity for clarity and a reinforced sense of vision. This could result in reaching deep into the wells of their passion and doing what they have always wanted to. This was the case for young filmmaker Chidinma Igbokweuche of Didi Stories Production who rallied her team of young talented and restless filmmakers, who took the chance amid a global pandemic to virtually create her short film called Chaos.

Chaos is an experiment birthed from the desire of these young filmmakers to find new and innovative ways to create during the COVID 19 pandemic lockdown. The movie takes a twist on most people’s experiences during the pandemic period exploring the extreme lack of emotional connection and nonchalance that comes with incessant Zoom calls.

The new normal is explored in Chaos.

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