Cheque’s Hip-Hop RnB Hybrid ‘Call Me Baby’ Is A Silky Mid-tempo Love Ballad

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Cheque is done reminiscing and juxtaposing the past, present, and future; the singer has now created a hybrid of these journey-defining eras and is ready to take on the world via different perspectives. This month, in line with the dominant sonic theme, love, an emotion inspired and cushioned by the summer months, he ditches introspection for appreciation and romantic sentiments on Call Me Baby, a bass-heavy ode to a muse that brings his Hip-hop RnB side to the fore.

Cheque with labelmates and producer, Andy and Lay Z pulls a wealth of bouncy synths fused with pulpy grooves bound to elicit similar feelings in listeners with their reverberant features, on Call Me Baby. In his signature laidback manner, he approaches his equally engaging narrative with an emotional range that expands with each poetic verse.

Call Me Baby, a graceful projection of Cheque’s special sound, is just the twist the industry’s diverse sonic circle, needs to become as wholesome as possible.