Watch Chi Modu’s Homecoming Experience Captured in New Short Documentary

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Before the final curtains of 2018 were drawn, Budweiser’s music platform, BUDX offered Nigerian youth the opportunity to witness and engage with the work of prolific Nigerian-American documentarian and photographer, Chi Modu through the Uncategorized Photo Exhibition and Workshop.

Chi Modu Documentary

The experience of the event curated by Nigerian documentarian, photographer and writer, Amarachi Nwosu is adequately highlighted in the new short by Nwosu’s Melanin Unscripted.

Via YouTube: Melanin Unscripted

Through the documentary titled Chi Modu: The Eye of the Golden Era, Chi Modu narrates his ordeals from his understanding of youth culture and it’s power to his dual upbringing and the necessity of his homecoming.

Chi Modu doc
Via YouTube: Melanin Unscripted

He says:

“Growing up in both worlds; growing up in America, and being Nigerian, it gives you a different perspective,” he continues in the clip. “When you’re young, you want to assimilate to the culture where you’re living. But as you get older, you start to appreciate the fact that you have both worlds.”

The montage also features clips starring his documentation of Hip-Hop culture over the years.

Watch the Chi Modu documentary below:

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