Apparently, Some Chibok Girls Decided Against Returning Home

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On Saturday, we were fortunate to discover that 82 Chibok girls returned home from the captivity of Boko Haram however, on the more disturbing side is the revelation by one of the negotiators that some of the girls decided against returning home as reported by Reuters.

According to Zannah Mustapha, one of the negotiators on behalf of the Federal Government,some of the abducted girls rejected the opportunity to return home which does nothing but lead to the assumption that they have been radicalised by the jihadists and may feel out of touch with their previous lives.

“Some girls refused to return … I have never talked to one of the girls about their reasons.” asserted 57-year-old Mustapha before going on to state the absence of any standing to force the girls back home.

In response to the news of the choice by some of the girls to return home, Chairman, Chibok Community in Abuja, Hosea Tsambido pointed fingers at the manner in which the FG has gone about the negotiations before arguing that the same way the girls were taken into captivity against their will is the same way they must be returned home regardless of whether or not they are in agreement.

In the midst of the return of some of the girls, some parties have criticised the FG for choosing to go against the international code of absconding from negotiations with terrorists.

Source: Reuters & PUNCH