Chika is cracking down on stereotypes on the punchline rich ‘No Squares’

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In times like these when music can be made from the comfort of one’s bed, gifted artists like the Alabama born and bred Chika have gone to town with instrumentals, making the best of popular songs through covers and cultivating their audience in the process.

Chika first caught our eyes when she pulled the ‘White Face’ act in response to Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 and since then, it’s been one blessed offering after the other. This week, the kinetic and vivacious Rapper’s efforts crystallizes into a cutting euphemic single titled No Squares that bridges the gap between her come up as a Cover Artist and a force field noticed by every one in the society, from the upper-crust to the hood rats.

Chika is cracking down on stereotypes on punchline rife single 'No Squares'

With every one of her covers and now No Squares, Chika is cracking down on stereotypes with fresh content that doesn’t include the stereotypical sexualized narrative. Her cover story is really about herself and these words come alive as she dishes out fatal lines in a breezy but edgy flow which she brings to the big screen in the naturalistic video.¬†Chika is the breath of fresh air the female rap scene has been crying for since Rappers like Missy Elliott began to take on non-artistic roles. Her journey is one that we cant wait to track. Watch the motivating video for No Squares below.