Watch The Retro Video For Chike’s Ric Hassani-Assisted ‘Nakupenda’

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As a vocal performer blessed with the personality of a charmer, Chike fits perfectly as a performer of love ballads, an abundance of which exists on his debut project, Boo Of The Booless. In recent months, we’ve seen him take more stabs at the subject by way of another full body of love leaning work, Dance Of The Booless and also, videos. With each attempt, he becomes more confident and rousing, and in the video for Nakupenda, the Ric Hassani assisted second track off Boo Of The Booless, Chike brings his full emotions to the fore.

The Ani James video casts Chike as an art appraiser- the art in this case being his literal muse, who mesmerizes him from start to finish. Unfortunately, the syrupy feeling doesn’t last as he grapples for the woman’s attention with Ric Hassani, who is also smitten by her. They both end up with the short end of the stick as the woman leaves them for someone else.

Despite the video’s tragic ending, Chike manages to inspire an ambiance with the power to cage his viewers in for as long as his voice is the compass.


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