Children’s Day: You Know You’re a ’90s Kid If You Remember These Things

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It is children’s day and although the ’90s babies can not celebrate like they once did, nostalgia can be a great way to deal with this. So, we’re taking a quick trip back in time to refresh our memories. Here is a list of things that remind us of what being a ’90s kid was like.

Memorable Television Shows

Papa Ajasco

‘Ojigbigbigbi’ this phrase was a popular one. Watching Papa Ajasco go into a frenzy at the sight of unexpected encounters or anything that made him nervous was the highlight of our day. Other characters such as Pa James, Miss Pepeye, Boy Alinco, Mama Ajasco and Ajasco himself also put smiles on our faces with their performances on our screens.

The Kids Know Best Show

This could’ve been the clubhouse link up for Saturday mornings. It was a thrill watching kids the same age as us controlling what happened on our screens without the supervision of adults. The show represented what the title says, as there were kids who were, doctors, lawyers and policemen.

Super Story

This was where most of us got our first life lessons on cause and effect. It also had a feel-good vibe where the characters portrayed didn’t seem like their lives were horrible, they were simply experiences on how to navigate life. The characters were so relatable.


Popular Snacks

Speedy Biscuit

The purple wrapper chocolate snack was everyone’s favourite. It was probably of the first few chocolate flavoured snacks back then.

Pako Biscuit

The thickness of this snack was unreal. The biscuit was made to test one’s patience and strength. The plain flavoured snack was a well-known snack of any ’90s baby.

Banana Bubble Gum

Who many sweets bring you joy and sense at the time? Not many. The facts and knowledge learnt from this chewing gum are unmatched. Any ’90s baby could always be found with a pile of Robert chewing gum wrappers, in the midst of others correlating their wrappers and showing off their newly found facts.


Interesting Gadgets



Long before mp3s, there were CDs, and the Walkman, a portable music player that everyone wanted. There was something about carrying your music where you went. The round-shaped device only fit into pockets that were considerably deep. It usually came with a strapon pouch or a fanny pack that also held a catalogue of CDs for one to choose from.


You are definitely a ’90s kid if you remember this one. The gun was used by the most skilled and accurate shooters with targets to shot down the ducks. And you could also put on other great games if you had the cartridges.

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