Chop Life Crew Begin Their Journey With Gritty Persona Edifying Debut ‘CLC Step’

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Choplifecrew is a collection of enlightened and experiment leaning creatives who like to describe themselves as visionaries with a goal to remodel the Nigerian music industry by birthing the next set of nonconforming worldwide superstars. This week, they ignite this goal and lead by example with their personality edifying debut, CLC Step, an apt and succinct introduction that packs the punch of their individual capabilities and carries the spirit of their goal.

Featuring L.K and MOJO the Drill leaning CLC Step is a smooth and bouncy cut complete with the makings of a nonconformist anthem that the eclectic group bears as their flag.

L.K leads the group with his introductory Drill inspired verse that sets the tone for MOJO to come in on the second verse with a more gritty and municipal approach.

Produced by Ronehi, the producer who orchestrated the hit single that brought the dream alive through Mojo’s PrettyboyD-O-assisted Chop Life Crew, CLC Step is a worthy introduction bound to light the group’s path on fire.

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