Choplife Soundsystem Emit Pan-African Vibes in Debut LP Choplife Vol. 1

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Choplife Soundsystem, a Pan-African music group comprising of Dj Edu & Mr Eazi, have released their debut project titled Choplife Vol 1 – Mzansi Chronicles, powered by Choplife Limited/emPawa Africa.

Sometime in April this year, the musical group announced their existence with the single Wena, the lead single off the current project, featuring vocals from South African singer Ami Faku. Now coming out fully on an album, the duo reiterate their desire to catapult Afrosounds to a new dimension.

An innovative, boundary-pushing pair, ChopLife SoundSystem derive their name from a famous West African Pidgin expression ‘chop life’, which means ‘enjoy life’ as well as transitional sound systems and rhythms that are the heart of Jamaican music culture. Further motivated by the likes of Major Lazer, the Afrodance partnership will look to adapt and tweak the Jamaican sound system culture to suit African sensibilities.

Setting out with Choplife Vol 1 – Mzansi Chronicles , the first installation in their music series, the pair are poised to take over the African music space. The mixtape comprises fourteen tracks, recorded between Capetown and Johannesburg in South Africa, as it immerses listeners in the South African club scene which currently gives out beautiful, world-class music. Featured artistes on the album include Focalistic & Anaati on By Force, Ami Faku, Moonchild Sanelly, Major League DJs, Mellow and Sleazy, Nkosazana Daughter, 2woshort and Stompiiey, Mo-T and Aymos on Ziwa La.

Also contributing to the production of the project are Mozambique’s DJ Tárico (known for Yaba Buluku, his 2021 hit featuring Burna Boy), and South African beatmakers Mellow & Sleazy, Ghetto Boy, Milan Rendall, LuuDaDeejay, Soul Jam and Mathondos, as well as Type A from Nigeria. The Afrocentric yet cross-cultural bonding on the project positions it for a wider reception amongst fans of African music. “This is not just a side project, this is a serious project,” Mr Eazi says.

Although this project feeds voraciously on Amapiano, a thriving South African house style that has gained popularity across the continent in the past years, future installments of the mixtape series will explore more styles in African club and party music. “I like the idea of going to a new place for 30 days and making a project,” Mr Eazi says.