Chucks Èhtréppär Paces Forthcoming Project With Drill Inspired ‘JAH!’

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Across the world, the Drill subculture has had an influence that can be likened to the power Amapiano wields over West Africa. Across Africa and the diaspora, artist’s with flair have adopted the sound and among them is Chicago based Nigerian Indie rapper, Chucks Èhtréppär who just returned,  four months after his potent collaboration with co-stars Pro-Col and Fishie Fly on Oh No!, with JAH!, the second single off his soon to be released project, Traps And A Drill.

Following on the success of Oh No!, JAH! is built on the same sliding basslines and an ominous percussive base that is tinged with the singer’s knack for melody. The single perfectly captures the experimental feel of Chucks’ work and represents the next evolution of his career that Traps And A Drill is set to usher in.

Speaking on the single’s creation, Chucks said:

“A track inspired by God and titled in his name known in Rastafarian as Jah, this was when a notion hit me that a project of melodic trap-like sounds and a drill sound will be born. With Him being my greatest executive producer, I was guided and directed to make it happen. Putting Pro-Col by my side, we created the sounds in hopes of doing it iconically.”