Cina Soul makes statement on domestic abuse in Killi Mi video

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In the striking video for her first major single of 2019, Killi Mi, Ghanian singer, Cina Soul, tackles domestic abuse head-on as we are shown the physical and emotional turmoil of an abusive relationship.

The 23-year-old opens the video with a monologue that explores the range of emotions including love, hate, infatuation, power, obsession, anger, and passion that the male and female character must face and deal with in a toxic relationship as they take turns being the abused.

Cina Soul, signed to Universal Music Group Nigeria, combines highlife and Fuji on the track to soothing effect as she documents the descent into resentment and fatality for the abuse victims. Produced by NiiQuaye, she sings in a beautiful mix of English and her native language, Ga, throughout the track.

Watch the video for Killi Mi below.

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