Civil society groups protest government in Abuja and Lagos

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Civil society groups such as the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, and Trade Union Congress of Nigeria, TUC, took to the streets in Lagos and Abuja to make it clear that Nigerians are dissatisfied with a style of governance that they believe has made Nigerians considerably poorer.

The societies also demanded that the government impose laws where those who steal from the state have their hands cut off and lamented the lack of results from the anti-corruption fight.

The protesters also revealed that they shall in the near future drag the cases of some governors who misapropraited bailout funds meant for payments of salaries, pensions and the like.

Advising the government to crackdown on looters of the nation’s treasury, President of NLC, Comrade Ayuba Wabba said:

“We must not allow a situation where a few, because of their interest, will hold the system to ransom.

We are demanding that they should be named and shamed. We are also demanding that one of their hands be cut off so that when we see them, we will know that they are people that have stolen our money.

Source : Vanguard

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