Crayon’s Larger Than Life Persona Shines Through on “The One (Chop Life)”

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Off the back of a riveting 2022, Crayon is in high spirits on his new single The One (Chop Life) featuring Mozambican trio ‘Yaba Buluku Boyz’.  In the curtain opener of what promises to be a defining year for the Ijo (Labalaba) crooner, The One (Chop Life) is a celebratory anthem, splayed brilliantly on DJ Tarico’s Amapiano production. 

Kicking off with audacity, on this song, Crayon is the boss and the party starter. Art imitates life as Crayon’s exuberance and larger than life persona comes out to play. In a deserved victory lap, Crayon shuts down the bar, orders champagne, and raises a glass to giving happiness a chance. Aided with pomp and momentum by the Yaba Buluku Boyz, the sound promises to be a staple on the playlists of good timers. 

For me, this single is about self affirmation. It’s about having a good time. Believing the bad times won’t last. And understanding that you can celebrate because you see the positive even when things are not yet how they should be’, Crayon explains about the inspiration behind the single. ‘Like I often say, broken Crayons still color’ he comments. 

Laced with clever wordplay, innuendoes, and street slang that have come to form the crux of Crayon’s music, The One (Chop Life) promises to be another winning title for Captain Hook.


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