Custodian Interview: Pheelz(YBNL Producer)

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Hi Pheelz, how are you doing today?

I am good my guy, how far?

I am good man. So Pheelz how did you get started off into the music industry?

Music has always been a passion, partly because I come from a family of musicians. My dad always used to play the guitar to me when I was growing up. It really fueled the passion that is present today.

Were you always strictly a producer? Or did you once sing and rap?

It’s always been about the music. Whether I am making music, singing or playing drums. The music aspect of it has always been there. I have once tested out the various things, but producing is definitely my strong point.

In your early years in the industry, you were signed to ID Cabasa (Gongo Aso), how was that relationship?

ID Cabasa was more like a mentor and a musical father to me. He is still my father actually, I still go to him for advice be it music or non-music related. He gives great advice.

How was your tenure with Coded Tunes? How is shaped you to where you are today?

Coded Tunes taught me life lessons, not music lessons. Many morals I have today are from Coded Tunes. He is my family.

You are currently under YBNL Nation- How did you become affiliated with the group?

I met Ola when I was with ID Cabasa- we were both signed under him. We pretty much came up with the idea of YBNL while we were under Cabasa, and the rest is history.

What was you reason for leaving Coded Tunes for YBNL?

Let me get this straight, nobody left Coded Tunes. We asked him to help us be a foundation support for YBNL. We were and are all one.

You produced all but one song on the Baddest Guy Ever Liveth album. How has the experience producing for all the talented set of people you have at YBNL been?

I honestly don’t really take it as a big deal for me. Whether I am producing for an up and coming artist or a well established artist I am very happy delivering my best production for it. I do not entertain all the extravagant extras that come with it. It’s just music for me.

Who is your favorite artist in YBNL you have worked with?

Ahhh I can’t say o. Don’t put me into trouble. They are all amazing!

It seems like most of the beats you have recently been doing are more oriented towards the hip hop genre. Is that your favorite genre?

That’s not my field. I am a music producer, not a hip hop producer. I can do RnB, gospel, Afrobeats, hip-hop, just depends on what the artist who will put his vocals on top of it wants. There are a lot of other songs that have been made that people don’t even know about yet. I can’t say them now. It’s lowkey but watch this space. There are even some hits out there that people don’t even know I produced.

Who is your favorite Non-YNBL affiliated Nigerian rapper ?

Oga, why are you putting me in this spot na? I respect chairman, MI! He is a veteran in the game, and he has put on all of us at one point.

What can you say attributes to YBNL recent domination in the last year?

I think the key to success is discipline. We keep dropping singles every 2 weeks, people say it’s not structured. However, we have that many jams we can afford to keep releasing club jams week in week out. We are just trying to be very consistent, and pushing.

What do you think of the star boy, Lil Kesh?

Lil Kesh is is Lil Kesh. He is favored and it’s just been an amazing journey for him. His first single under YBNL blew up and his next couple are even on a different level. He is going to be great.

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Rumors has it that you advised Olamide to sign Adekunle Gold, care to comment on that?

Like I told you before, it’s all about the music for me. I heard Sade, the cover he did on the One Direction beat, and then I was like how is this guy unsigned? I had never spoken to him before but his style and how he sang so smoothly. I was jut like Nah, we need to sign this guy. I found his address, went to his house, and dragged him to meet the YBNL crew. We reproduced Sade for legal reasons.

How long have you been officially in the music industry? 

Officialy since the First Of All album, so about 3 years. It was my first major hit, so since about 2012.

In the past year, you’ve been compared to the other YBNL producer, Young Jonn, what’s your take on that?

Young Jonn is a brother to me. There was a studio I used to work with- H-Factory studio. I met him when he came over one time and we had that connection. We started vibing and teaching each other things. I introduced him to Olamide and then Story for the gods came out, it blew like crazy. Since then, he has produced jams upon jams. I don’t know why people keep comparing both of us. We are family, we are YBNL, it’s not good to be comparing brothers. You feel me?

Are you and Young John officially signed by YBNL? Or is it merely just an affiliation?

YBNL is not a label; I keep telling people that. It’s a family group, if you are in the family, trust me you will know, as it comes with a lot of benefits. The legal aspect is just paper, paper is not a family group.

What can we expect from you in the remainder of 2015?

I am launching a new performing arts brand for producers called Man On Machine. I will be dropping my album early next year. You will see more hits produced  by me from YBNL and non YBNL acts as well. I will be performing at the CuppyTakesAfrica Lagos leg this Saturday as well.

Are there any particular artist(s) that you are looking to work with in the near future?

For Nigerian artists, definitely Asa. I just need to work with her! She is the most talented Nigerian artist alive, without a doubt. It will be the biggest honor to produce for her. Every other person I have already worked with, whether it’s directly or indirectly. Some jams are not out yet.

How has your social life been impacted since you became a relatively heavyweight in the music production scene?

Laughs! It has given me the power to take proper control. I wouldn’t lie mehn it’s been very good. It’s not easy managing but, we are trying.

Do you have any foreign aspirations that inspire your beats?

I have inspirations from American producers, but at the end of the day I am me. I craft my own sound,I really just learn how they cope with stress, time management, but I am an individual, I have my own sound.

Olamide has been the biggest artist of 2015 without a doubt, how much better do you think he can get?

You guys haven’t seen the best, trust me, you haven’t. The best will come out soon, when it comes, there will still be something better to come.

Pheelz The Producer, we at Culture Custodian appreciate you for catching up with us. 

No problem. Thank you guys.

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