Custodian Night Edition 1 in Pictures

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This Christmas, Culture Custodian has hosted 4 Custodian nights across a variety of Lagos Clubs including Nitro, 57 and Vapors. The opening night was at Nitro on the 15th of December 2016, the 2nd at Club 57 on the 21st of December, the 3rd at Nitro on the 22nd and the 4th at Vapors on the 28th of December. The grand finale is this Wednesday, the 4th of January at Club 57.

Over the 4 nights thus far, we have been joined by people like, Skepta, LAX, Kamal Ajiboye, Boj, Fresh L, D-O and many more! DJs like DJ Olu, DJ Bristar, DJ Prince, DJ Amai, DJ Peno and DJ Mystro have lit up the clubs and we look forward to doing so one last time this Wednesday!

Check out the pictures from the opening night at Nitro!






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