Custodian Reading List

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Will Smith’s name used to be synonymous with blockbusters. Then, it became synonymous with duds. Time ask if he can rediscover the touch.

Simon Kuper looks at Louis van Gaal’s history and comes to the conclusion that this is the most bewildering he has ever been. Do Manchester United still have a philosophy and style? Make up your mind here¬†.

Is Ex-Military Dictator Muhammadu Buhari the Answer to Nigeria’s Boko Haram?

For the first time in living history, New York has two football teams: The Emirati funded New York City Football Club and the Red Bull funded New York Red Bulls. Jeff Klein takes a look at both teams and the perception from locals as they decide what team to support.

During his Zane Lowe interview, Kanye West called Apple’s Head Designer Jonathan Ive one of the most influential people in design. The New Yorker profile Steve Jobs’ disciple.

In wake of the death of Mirjana Puhar, is there a curse hanging over America’s Next Top Model?