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This story of how a woman recovered from her divorce, got into online dating and discovered Love and herself is amazing and a reminder that Human beings are not as bad as we think.

Have an iPhone? Battery misbehaving? This might just have the answers you need.

Roberto Martinez has increasingly been tipped to replace Arsene Wenger at Arsenal. Richard Jolly highlights the dynamics to their relationship and rivalry.

BOMB’s artists in conversation: Teju Cole by Aleksandar Hermon

The second instalment in Wale Lawal’s Lagos Women Series: ‘Ol Miss Celia.

Just as with Nelson Mandela, the clan of Martin Luther King  Jr are not particularly in awe of each other. Here’s why: Newsweek: The Family Feud Over Marin Luther King Jr’s Legacy

English football is guilty of excusing in itself, that which it rejects in foreigners. Rory Smith wonders why for ESPN FC

The Economist sent a correspondent to Nigeria and all we got was this piece analysing the nation’s premier industrialist, Aliko Dangote and his group of companies.

A young teacher with a penchant for making beats from an obscure town in England wangles his way onto Kanye West’s album and becomes one of the most sought after producers in Hip Hop. This is the story of Evian Christ.

Why do some of the most despicable people in history have such a great sense of style? Ernest Baker, half trollingly and half seriously wonders why.

Writing is just like Dating. Musa Okwonga interestingly draws parallels.

A modern day Cain and Abel tale: Two brothers, identical twins at that who can’t stand each other happen to be two of the most revered craft brewers in the world. The New York Times examines why through ‘A Fight is Brewing’

Are endurance levels becoming a more significant factor in winning football matches as opposed to technical ability? Using Atletico Madrid as a case study, blogger ‘Giggs Boson’ provides some analyses