D-O enters the Preacher realm with ‘Chop Elbow’

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One of the greatest complaints we have about some of our best artists is the fact that every couple of years, as elections come around, they sell their voices to what appears to be the highest bidder. This effectively undermines their position to potentially represent fans in conversations with politicians. It’s one of the reasons we praise artists in Nigeria when they choose to become critical. Building off feel-good record, Footwork, D-O offers his take on the state of affairs in Nigeria with Chop Elbow.

A play on his Christmas SZN catch phrase, D-O offers the elbow to a range of issues and topics.

Enjoying a collaborative production process from July Drama, Tomi Thomas and B Banks, D-O creates a record every Nigerian can relate to in some form as he calls bullshit on police and authority brutality, electricity troubles, poverty, widespread corruption as he praises the resolve of all those who keep up the fight everyday.

Definitely not the same vibe as Footwork and proof that the Pretty Boy will continue to toe the path of the unconventional.

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