D-Truce’s ‘Smoke Break’ Is A Fusion Of Elite Storytelling And Experimental Bass

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Rappers are fond of metaphors, they thrive on the mystery of that the possibility of smokescreen-inspired punchlines elicits, they feed on the praises listeners accord them when they drop cryptic lines in smooth flows, they appreciate a good opportunity to relay their stories in mazes, a move that helps them sacrifice vulnerability for an edge. Nigerian rapper, D-Truce is your typical rapper with an affinity for the extraordinary, and coming off a two-year hiatus on a cryptically titled eleven-track EP, Smoke Break, he takes advantage of metaphors to give a bird’s eye view into his life.

A smoke break is a short time taken off work to relax and recharge and D-Truce’s trajectory on the eponymously titled EP is a sonic encapsulation of this; time away from reality to introspect and reveal. The rawness of D-Truce’s introspection makes for the tangibility of his words. The opener, Keep It Kewt, is especially revealing, and this is perhaps a result of the combination of lush synths layered against heavy bass, one that helps with the resonance of D-Truce’s lines alluding to the method to his madness. This combination is the lifeline that serves other introspective sessions including the bawdy Bryan The Mensah assisted Text My Ex, highly personified Spaceships, and Fly Away.

With the razzle-dazzle that is D-Truce’s life, at the core of the project, it’s hard to get lost In his story, but, one can still distinguish the highlight of the EP. The xylophonic Run The Cheque, released earlier to acclaim, is awash with the kind of confidence, we’ve always associated with D-Truce. Dividing the EP into different parts that address different phases of his life, Run The Cheque manages to encapsulate his desires with rich bass that gives each word credibility.

D-Truce’s stories take time to settle, bubbling with metaphors and bass. His intent on each track does not come naturally, it takes concentrated effort and each realization comes with a climax that might be intended which is why Smoke Break is more than a short time to reflect and recharge, but a long windy path down D-Truce’s life that appreciates with each step and peaks with two-way realization, one of his intent and the other, personified.


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