Dami Oniru Basks In The Power Of Introspection On ‘Nowhere To Run’

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Dami Oniru and Remy Baggins are one of the few Producer-Artist tandems restructuring the way their symbiotic relationship is perceived in the industry with their myriad of impressive singles and projects not restricted to the former’s debut EP, Bri’s Lounge, released in 2018 to much acclaim. They’re back again this month on Dami Oniru’s Nowhere To Run, and we can’t help but bask in the sonic goodness that is their partnership on the flute-y single.

Powered by Dami Oniru, in her earthy, silky vocals, we’re drawn into a subject we’re all too familiar with, immersive relationships that envelope our beings leaving us with ‘nowhere to run’ in Dami Oniru’s words.

The singer has mastered the art of introspective projections of meaningful life stories and with Nowhere To Run, she inspires the kind of introspection vital to self-development, an extraordinary feature run-of-the mil up-comers do not possess.