Dami Oniru And Ossi Grace’s ‘Feel It In The Air’ is a velvety articulation of sexy feelings

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The industry was abuzz earlier this year with praises for Dami Oniru’s stunning debut EP, Bri’s Lounge. Riding on the same vivacious energy, the singer coasted on before and after the release of the 7-track EP, she closes the curtains on what’s most likely a successful year for her with a cushy track titled Feel it in the Air on the Basement Gig’s compilation project, Sounds From the Basement Gig Vol. 1.

Assisted by Ossi Grace, the sleek track is a velvety articulation of sexy feelings delivered atop an 808s led instrumental created by Remy Baggins that aid the smooth passage of Dami’s lush lyrics. Together, the duo create the hazy ambiance signature to Basement Gig performances.

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