Dami Oniru’s debut EP ‘Bri’s Lounge’ is an impressive collection of unique sounds.

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Dami Oniru, though unconventionally, finally delves into the swaying waters of mainstream music this month with her debut 7-track EP; Bri’s Lounge in which she chronicles an array of feelings and frolics with genres.

Since her early days on Soundcloud with solids like; Fallin’and Iyawo, Dami Oniru has become one of our favorites, not because of the alluring nature of her vocals but mainly because of her off-centered infectious style projected into an ability to maintain the status quo and somehow navigate complex paths with added twists which features heavily in Bri’s Lounge.

Similar to her delivery in Fallin, Bri’s Lounge features an emotive Dami Oniru wielding her vocals like a weapon with which she tackles a limited number of subjects, prominent of which is Love though delivered in more mature narratives and befitting soundscapes.

Though filled with unique sounds, with sultry selections like See which gets an additional techno beat with the experimental but agreeable touch of Remy Baggins and Ready, Dami Oniru further proves her artistic evolution evidenced in her ability to experiment with genres and fuse narratives.

The Industry is currently pushing out a generation of female vocalists that promote talent in Nigeria and with her track record, it’s no surprise that Dami Oniru stands a chance to lead the pack.

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