Dan King delivers clever word-play on One X Two ft New World Ray and Annalisa Walters

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One X Two by Dan King ft (New World Ray and Annalisa Walters) buttresses this point. The 4 minute-long track provides ample time for each artist featured to display their skill in distinct fashion as each act flows for 60 seconds or more. On the throbbing chorus, not pronounced verbatim, One X Two is rather sung “want to”. It messes with your ears a bit.

You need a medal for your neck ‘cos you’re a trophy.

The last time we heard from Dan King was on Summer Outro with Lorenzorsv. These tracks exhibit similar sounds from Dan King which he seemed to have perfected. Produced by Dan King and Victizzle, One X Two is 4 minutes of your time well spent.

Listen Below.

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