Dandyy Celebrates Good Times on “Barazana”

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With several acclaimed singles already under his belt, including Pariwo and Dat Girl, rising Afrobeats and Afrofusion artist Dandyy has rapidly emerged as a beloved figure and rising star. His charismatic stage presence, infectious energy, and unforgettable live performances have garnered rave reviews and secured headlining spots at numerous high-profile shows and festivals.

A testament to his versatility and creativity as an artist, Dandyy’s much anticipated new single Barazana fuses his Northern Nigerian roots with the bustling Lagosian culture. The song offers an innovative blend of upbeat rhythms and memorable melodies which is primed to resonate with the audience. With the catchy ‘I dey give them‘ bridge, the new jam packs a solid punch of Dandyy’s excitement at how far he has come with his music and his determination to have a good time while at it, Barazana is celebratory, feel-good music.

The release of Barazana comes on the heels of Dandyy’s preparations for his debut EP, Lagos Boy. The forthcoming EP is poised to be a vibrant exploration of African culture and its rich diversity, showcasing Dandyy’s extensive musical range and artistic prowess. Through his thought-provoking music, Dandyy addresses pressing social issues and reflects on his diverse background, demonstrating his depth and skill as a musician.

Barazana calls on listeners to move their bodies to the bounce, its lyrics and the artist’s vocals doing all the coaxing. The single is poised to reach lovers of dance, rhythm, bounce and good music.

Listen to Barazana here:

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