Danie’s Debut ‘Halo’ Is A Heartwarming Take On Love

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Romance, for inspiration and as a subject is essential in music debuts regardless of sound direction, taste, or influence. It is an age-old go-to for musicians and despite his quirky sound alignment, stemming from a background steeped in several genres of music, Danie, chooses to stick to this norm on his heartwarming debut, Halo.

Built on Afropop leaning percussions, Halo sets the mood for Danie who’s currently pursuing follow up singles. Not only does it touch on his feelings, stirred with strong rhythms over which he discloses his intentions for his muse, Halo also speaks to Danie’s versatility and approach to music.

Danie’s feelings about his debut are more gratitude inclined than excitement driven.

According to him, “Halo is something I feel thankful for, not everyone has had the chance to begin. I am thankful for this and I’m ready to make the most of it not to disappoint the people that look to me and those I inspire. I’m very confident in HALO. It has a different vibe, it bangs and it would be remembered. I’m ready for the big stages with this single.


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